Romeo Mineral Ball Cat Litter Lavender

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  • 100% Natural Cat Litter White Bentonite Mineral. High-quality litter that keeps bad odors under control in a natural way. It is eco-friendly and safe for you and your cat.
  • ✅Fast Clumping and High Absorption: The fast clumping and instant liquid capture and forms strong clumps that can be very easy to deal with. The natural mineral used allows it to absorb very high amounts of liquid that prevents liquid from leaking to the bottom of cat litter tray. Also, it stays perfectly dry after use and provides your cat with a healthy and very hygienic environment.
  • ✅99.9% Dust Free: Romeo Mineral ball does not stick to your cat’s paws. Clumping cat litter’s with 99.9% dust-free clumping formula helps keep surfaces cleaner. Also, it keeps your entire home fresh and smell good longer.
  • ✅Odor Control: Romeo mineral ball fights bad odor and maintains good smell with variant fragrance for a longer period of time. Your cat’s paws released the activated fragrance every time your cat uses the litter box.
  • ✅100% Non-Allergenic: Romeo mineral ball characteristics won't cause health problems or allergies reaction.


Romeo Mineral Ball White Bentonite Clumping Litter, dust-free.

- Super Agglomerante
Odor Control 100 %
- Bentonite Bianca
The Ultra absorbent bentonite of Romeo Mineral Ball instantly absorbs your cat's urine, forming small clumps that also retain bacteria.

1. Empty the cat litter tray and wash it thoroughly.
2. Empty the bag of litter into the tray and ensure that there is layer of at least 4 cm of Romeo in it.
3. Place a piece of excrement taken from the previous litter and place it on top of the fresh litter so that your cat will recognize its odor.
4. Remove solid excrement daily with a litter spoon and gently mix the litter.
5. Refill the tray in order to maintain the constant level.

Romeo does not stick to cat’s paws. Place the litter on a mat so that any grains of Romeo that escape from the tray are not carried around the house.


Romeo does not cause health problems or allergies.
Economical product: Fast and solid clumping allows it to be used for a long time, making it a very economical product in terms of usage due to small clumps.


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